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Marketing Quick Tip #9 - You Need More Than One Logo

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When you're designing your logo it's important to have more than one iteration of the design. These are the variations of logos you'll want to have created:

  • Horizontal - best for website design

  • Vertical - to fit vertical spaces

  • Square or Circle - best for social media

  • Secondary Colors or Inverse Colors - for backgrounds other than white

You're also going to want to make sure you have these file types:

  • .eps or vector - the original art file

  • .jpg - standard image file

  • .png - transparent background

If these recommendations go over your head, that's ok! Make sure you find a logo designer to fit these needs.

Keep STAKing,

Michelle Johnson

Owner/Founder STAK Marketing

Michelle Johnson is the owner, founder and Chief Marketing Guru at STAK Marketing. Our passion at STAK Marketing is to create beautiful STAKs of marketing strategies that help small businesses grow and reach their goals. STAK Marketing's expertise ranges from SEO to branding, e-mail marketing to website design, PR to advertising and much more - making STAK Marketing a one-stop-shop for all your small business marketing needs .

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