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SEO Checklist

The digital footprint marketing tool.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. In short, SEO is how Google reads your website and then ranks your site to show up on search results when people search for specific keywords. SEO is a continual game that your website plays with Google; it takes the right strategy to make SEO work correctly. Every single business needs to have some type of SEO process. And we mean it. Every. Single. Business. 

Think of SEO as your digital credit score. It's important to know the health of it, and it's something you should always be working on. 

What's included in the SEO Audit.

A list of keywords you are currently ranking for.

A list of keywords you should rank for.

A list of keywords your three competitors rank for.

Our best SEO trips and tricks that you can implement yourself.

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Why SEO is critical.

  • Unlike digital advertising, SEO is organic so it's something you build and "own"
  • Makes your website more visible to more people
  • Builds consumer confidence you're easily found
  • Helps you find new customers
  • Can position you ahead of your competitors
  • Strategic SEO can help with product positioning and understanding potential consumers

I got my audit, what's next?

Congrats! You just took the first steps to better SEO. But, SEO is a long-term strategy and therefore will take continual work. Here are some of our suggested next steps and SEO strategy tips..

  • SEO is a long-term game, you need to give it at least six months of continuous work to see results.
  • Google reads websites by sending out what's called spiders. Spiders "crawl" your website and then report back to Google HQ on how and what to index your website for in Google search results.
  • Fresh content gives Google a reason to re-crawl your site, continue to add and update your website and drive traffic to it through other marketing sources. A stale website is a Google death wish. 
  • A marketing agency that specializes in SEO is going to be your best friend for continued growth. Book a free SEO consultation with STAK Marketing to get on our schedule for continued SEO growth.
  • Our agency will determine a handful of keywords to go after each month, and then implement those keywords in both the website copy and on the backend of the website. 
  • Agency trauma is a real thing, only work with trusted agencies. 

Post audit special offer.

10% off



As a thank you for booking an SEO Audit from STAK Marketing, we're giving you 10% off SEO maintenance monthly retainers (requires a 3-month commitment min) and/or 10% off SEO consulting calls. 

For SEO maintenance plans, simply book a free 30-minute discovery call and mention this promotion at time of call. For SEO consulting, mention this 10% discount when scheduling your consulting time. 

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