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I Got My Audit, Now What?

Now that you've been audited and have your keywords, how do you make this most of this information?  There are a few ways for you to tweak your site in order to improve your SEO. However, there are functions both on the back and front end of a website that an SEO expert should handle. When you're ready to outsource your SEO, and have an expert take over, we're here to help. 


Get Comfortable with Google Search Console

Once you've ensured Google is correctly indexing your website, it's time to access Google Search Console and get familiar with it.

Although Google Search Console doesn't tell you everything about SEO within your site, it gives you a good indication of where traffic is coming from. 


Content Content Content

So much of SEO revolves around the content that is on your website. If you're an online clothing boutique but you rarely use the word "shirt," Google is not going to know you're selling shirts. Google is not a person, Google is a computer that reads and then indexes what it read. Make sure what your writing is what you want Google to read and index.


Act Natural

Now that you have your content, it's time to strategically implement your keywords. But here's the kicker with keywords, Google can tell if you're sticking in your keywords specifically for SEO reasons. It's imperative that you use your keywords in a natural way that makes sense to both a user and to Google when they're reading it. 


Maintenance is Key

Google reads websites every 30 to 60 days. Keep in mind you're fighting with thousands of other companies for that first spot on Google. All that to say, don't expect immediate SEO results, you need to give Google at least six months to make big changes. SEO only works if you are constantly adding new content to your site, analyzing your keywords and tweaking your site based on how Google is reading it. This is where an expert comes in and a long term maintenance plan.