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When you're needing more than individual services, marketing packages are a great option. These packages, specifically made for small businesses, are a great way to get the most bang for your buck as each package is discounted 10% from individual service fees. 


Marketing packages for your small business

Start Packages

Start packages are the first steps in creating a business, brand, and marketing foundation.

START PACKAGE #1: Strategy

START #1_ strategy.png

○ One one-hour business strategy planning meeting


○ Business plan


○ One one-hour marketing strategy planning meeting


○ Marketing plan


○ Domain discovery


○ Social media handle discovery


○ One 45-minute business consultation

  Starting at $3,000  

START PACKAGE #2: Branding & Website

START 2_ website.png

One one-hour branding strategy meeting


○ Brand Guide


○ Five-page website design and buildout


○ First three months of SEO


○ First month of social media content


○ Google Business Listing


○ One 45-minute business consultation

  Starting at $9,000  


Transform Packages

Transform packages are the next steps to growing your business through strategic marketing.

TRANSFORM PACKAGE #1: Email Marketing

TRANSFORM 1_ email_edited.png

○ Setting up an email marketing platform


○ One warm-up email


○ Welcome series with 5 emails


○ Evergreen or shopping series with 5 emails

○ Website sign-up popup

○ One email a month for three months

○ One 45-minute marketing consultation call

  Starting at $3,000  


TRANSFORM 2_ seo_edited.png

SEO Audit


○ Full site overhaul


○ Monthly site optimization


○ One blog a month


○ One email a month to promote the blog


○ One social media post a month to promote the blog


○ Once a month reporting

  Starting at $1,500 / month  

Accelerate Packages

Accelerate packages are for businesses that have a solid foundation.

ACCELERATE PACKAGE #1: Meta Advertising

ACCELERATE 1_ advertising_edited.png

○ Setup of Facebook Business Manager


○ Setup of Facebook Ads manager


○ One campaign for Facebook and Instagram


○ One ad set per campaign


○ Up to three ads per campaign


○ Biweekly reporting


○ Once a month ad campaign edits

  Starting at $800 / month  

ACCELERATE PACKAGE #2: Influencer Marketing

ACCELERATE 2_ influencer_edited.png

Influencer discovery




Content creation


Influencer requirements


Once a month reporting

  Starting at $800 / month  

Kaizen Packages

Kaizen packages are for already successful small businesses that want to maintain and grow.

KAIZEN PACKAGE #1: Reporting

KAIZEN 1_ reporting_edited.png

○ Website Analytics


○ SEO Health Report


○ Social Media


○ Email Marketing

  Starting at $400 / month  

KAIZEN PACKAGE #2: Marketing Director

KAIZEN 2_ marketing_edited.png

Custom package designed to your business needs


Monthly report


Monthly meetings


Brainstorming sessions


Implementation of a variety of marketing tactics

  Custom Pricing  



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